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It’s as simple as it sounds. When you need a project done, but don’t have the staff  or the time, we not only deliver that project to the highest standard but we do it efficiently.

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There are very few businesses and industries that are flush with cash to spend on projects for growth. At Beyond Expectations, we find people for you that can deliver what your business needs, so you can continue to scale, without the addition to your payroll. We have created a collection of efficient, hard-working and trusted freelancers, contractors and consultants, handpicked and quality assured by the director to deliver whatever you need.

“I’ve worked in a variety of industries from marketing to education, to finance, and all had one common thread: overworked employees and managers who needed projects done quickly, but without the budget or capacity to do so.”  Holly Humphrey, Director


You say jump, we say how high: sometimes you just need someone you can trust to efficiently get the job done, plug the gap and receive a high standard service without costing you a fortune

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