Handbooks & Policies:

the forgotten documents

Many organisations have never created the policies or handbooks needed to scale, or have handbooks and policies that are completely out dated. To support businesses in solidifying their foundation we help to create policies and handbooks that can stand the test of time.

Handbooks & Policies Pricing

Starting at...

Policy Review


Reviewing your current policies and recommending updates.

Policy Creation


Creating policies fully designed in your company branding.

Policies Audit


Auditing your full suite of policies to confirm what you have, what needs to be updated and what you need going forward.

Full Staff Handbook


Handbook fully designed in a pdf format for all your employee needs.

Interactive Staff Handbook


As an easily interactive and editable version of the handbook in a UX format.

Policy 'polish' & design


Re-designed policies to bring them up to date with your company branding and any minor edits.

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