“There is a common thread in a variety of industries. Projects that need to happen, but not enough work to justify hiring a new team but needing to scale. It's a problem I'm driven to solve"

Holly Humphrey, Director

Our why

Our whole business is built on the foundation of delivering beyond the expectations of our clients; we go above and beyond to deliver services of the highest quality for the best price. Informed by years of experience with field experts, you will gain a team for the fraction of the price.

How we deliver


The first thing we do is brainstorm with you and your team to create a strategy document or overview for a way forward.


Once the strategy has been signed off, we begin to facilitate, create a project plan and continue to optimise and recommend improvements.​


As we grow together we will also train and teach your internal team how to continue the facilitation and transfer knowledge to them.

Our Values

At Beyond Expectations we deliver high quality services with integrity at the heart of what we do




Sometimes you need something in a hurry and we understand that sometimes it can't be planned. We make sure to deliver what you need, when you need it: every time.

We work efficiently. We work at a fast pace and have a quality assurance system so that every piece of work is of high quality and fulfils the intended purpose.

We understand how important it is to trust who you are working with and we treat trust as the most important component in our client relationships.

Meet the Team

Holly Humphrey

Director and Founder

Holly's had a varied professional background in education, business operations, marketing and HR. Through her experience she founded Beyond Expectations with the intention of making HR more accessible and scalable to business needs. She is CIPD level 5 qualified in HR as well as a PGCE making her our lead consultant on Education projects.

Hannah Wellock

Marketing & Recruitment Specialist

Hannah is a valued member of the marketing team and delivers the copy for all of our collateral. In addition, she also has started dabbling into the world of recruitment through Beyond Expectations and is loving it! Hannah is currently finishing her Masters in International Disaster Management, so we think she can handle Beyond Expectations.

Edward Coleman

Analytics Developer & Finance Officer

Edward is the spreadsheet wizard of the company and creates data dashboards so we deliver the best analytics to our clients. Edward's professional background is with SQL deep data diving and creating customer insights to retail clients. With guidance from our team he makes our spreadsheet wishes come true and dazzles our clients!

Marianthi Bousses

Education Recruitment Specialist

Marianthi's professional background is primarily within Education and it's services. After teaching and supporting students in a secondary school setting, Marianthi moved to Educational Recruitment and private teaching. As a recruiter her goal is to find those who share a passion for purposeful and outstanding education to pupils and does so through a variety of methods.

Don't just take our word for it

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